Taking on a fundraising challenge is a great way to support causes we care about at this time. It can also support our wellbeing by giving us a chance to focus on a goal, be in touch with our friends and family, and have a sense of proactively contributing to our communities.

Join our Do32 Challenge to support Network and enable us to continue to provide affordable counselling for people in serious distress.

It costs £32 to provide one session of counselling, and since counselling is what our clients need, the number 32 is of great significance to us.

What might YOU do using the number 32?

A few ideas:

  • Get active: 32 press ups, 32 PE with Joe workouts, 32 yoga poses
  • Get creative: send 32 cards of support to friends and family, bake 32 cupcakes for your socially distanced household, see if you can get dressed in 32 pieces of clothing – and share the results!
  • Get spiritual: 32 prayers for friends, family, our key workers and Network, a 32 hour silence, make an artwork of 32 words that encompass your faith

Get giving! Share your ideas with us on Facebook, and set up your Virgin Money Giving page to make your challenge a reality!

What your Do32 adds up to

Network provides over 3,000 sessions of affordable counselling a year to people in serious distress. Clients contribute whatever they can afford, and as 75% of our clients are on a low income for many this is below £10 a session. When NHS support is already hugely stretched, and private counselling can cost £45 or more a session, it is fair to say that without Network many of the people who come to us would not otherwise be able to access the counselling they so desperately need.

Thanks to people like you and our extraordinary volunteer counsellors, Network has provided counselling to well over 10,000 people in the past 34 years. We receive excellent feedback on our service, and the impact it has had for clients. Many cite it as life saving.

We believe that quality, accessible mental health and wellbeing support should is a necessity and not a luxury, and should be available to all regardless of background.

Thank you for helping us continue to be there for our clients.

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