Couple dynamics

Session dates:

Fridays and Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, on:

28 and 29 March 2014
16 and 17 May 2014
13 and 14 June 2014

This six session course will explore the background to couple relationships and its connections with early life experience. We will look at different styles of relationship, at the life events that may cause couples to fall into crisis, and at the interactions that perpetuate these crises. We will work, practically and interactively, with a range of techniques and interventions that can help unlock conflict and restore stalled relationships. We will consider the hazards that may greet the unwary counsellor, and the ways in which our own personal experiences may play out within couple counselling.

We will look at jealousy within couple relationships, at affairs, and at the effect of secrets on the work. We will also spend one session considering the topics of sex, of intimacy, of sex addiction and of the counsellor’s own responses to erotic material between counsellor and client/clients. We will also look at separation counselling and stepfamilies.
It is my intention to offer this course to counsellors who are considering extending their client base to include couples, but who have not at this time undertaken a full couple counselling training.

By the end of the course, you will have had the experience of sitting with two clients in the room, and finding out how that feels, and how you can best apply your skills to this different dynamic. The material will equally illuminate, for one-to-one work, what the absent partner might think/feel/say if they were present.

There is no formal written work or assessment.

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