De-mystifying Borderline Personality Disorder

The diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a controversial one, as are diagnoses of Personality Disorders generally. It provokes heated debate amongst people given the diagnosis, mental health professionals, researchers and policy makers. Many people with a diagnosis of BPD have also had very difficult experiences when they have tried to access mental health services. Too often, they are stigmatised and discriminated against. Assumptions may be made that they are untreatable or, worse still, that they are difficult, manipulative or attention-seeking. As a result, they are often turned away from such services and left with little or no help and support.

In this workshop, we will look at the diagnosis of BPD and consider whether it is a useful way of understanding this particular form of psychological distress. We will explore the experience of people who have been labelled as suffering from BPD and consider how we might make sense of their experience from a person-centred perspective. Finally, we will look both at the challenges and difficulties, and the rewards, of working with clients who present with this diagnosis.

Kaitlyn Steele is an experienced person-centred therapist and has been involved in the counselling world for most of her adult life. Initially a clinical psychologist, she moved into working as a person-centred counsellor and supervisor in the 1980s. She now works as a freelance trainer, and has been involved in the training of professional counsellors both at Further and Higher Education levels, as well as having a small private practice as a therapist and spiritual accompanier.  She is an experienced workshop leader and has led workshops and short courses for people working in a variety of different roles. She is also the author of a recently published book entitled ‘Sacred Space: Embracing the Spiritual in Person-Centred Therapy.’  For further information, please visit her website at

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