Understanding Child and Adult Bullying

Bullying in the UK is reaching epidemic proportions and is a very real problem for a large number of children, university students and people in work. Bullying also impacts relationships, marriages, organisations and churches. However, most people would struggle to admit to themselves that they are being, or have been, bullied, let alone face the shame that bullying is abuse, and tell someone.

Throughout the day we will look at the different forms of bullying in both childhood and adulthood, as well as the physical and emotional impact on the target. We will discuss why people bully and why children who are bullied become more likely to be targeted as adults.

An important aspect of the day will be exploring ways to change styles of relating, breaking the bullying cycle and recovering from the trauma of being bullied.

The day will led by Helena Wilkinson, who is a writer, trainer and international speaker. She lives at Nicholaston House, a Christian retreat and conference centre on the Gower Peninsula where she heads up residential courses for eating disorder sufferers and people who have been homeless and are now in YMCA’s. Helena is also a qualified equine facilitated psychotherapy practitioner and incorporates EFP into her work.

She is the author of 11 books including ‘Insight into Child & Adult Bullying’, which grew out of her own experience of bullying in addition to counselling many people who have been bullied at different stages in their lives.  Find out more about Helena’s work here.

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