Understanding Eating Disorders


The workshop uses the iceberg theory – looking below the water’s surface to the deeper issues of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating and related disorders). It also looks at eating disorders in the context of self-harm and helps those working with sufferers to enter the internal world of a person with an eating disorder.  Helena uses personal and professional experiences of eating disorders to enable listeners to see beyond the symptoms and address complex behavioural patterns, entrenched mind-sets and loss of sense of identity and worth.  It incorporates an integrative approach and draws on creative tools.  Helena will also speak about her own work with sufferers, spanning 25 years and incorporating animal and equine assisted therapy.

The Facilitator

Helena Wilkinson is a writer, trainer and international speaker. She is based at Nicholaston House, a Christian retreat and conference centre on the Gower Peninsula where she heads up residential courses for eating disorder sufferers and people who have been homeless and are now in YMCA’s.   Helena is also a qualified equine facilitated psychotherapy practitioner and incorporates EFP into her work.  She is the author of 11 books including ‘Insight into Child & Adult Bullying’, which grew out of her own experience of bullying in addition to counselling many people who have been bullied at different stages in their lives.

Website www.helenawilkinson.co.uk

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