Using Therapeutic Play Techniques with Children

The techniques offered in this two-day workshop will be relevant to anyone whose work involves close contact with children, early adolescents and young people with learning difficulties, and who has little or no training in this area – eg counsellors, teachers, nursery nurses, social workers, health workers, carers and child minders.

The number of children and young people needing help at some time during their early life is increasing and it is essential that they have access to adults who can hold and support them in a safe place.

This workshop acknowledges that play is central to the child’s way of understanding their world. Since, as adults, we forget the power that play has, much of the two days will be taken up remembering how to play. In this way, participants will begin to rediscover their capacity to play and thus gain an insight and a window into the child’s world. The workshop will reinforce the importance of a sound knowledge of play and child development when working with children and young people in a therapeutic environment.

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