When I meet Thou: working at relational depth

In this workshop, we shall explore the concept of relational depth as it has been developed over the years by person-centred and existential writers and practitioners such as Mick Cooper, Dave Mearns, Carl Rogers, Peter Schmid and Brian Thorne.  We shall work with a number of the questions that are often asked about working at relational depth – for example, what does it mean in practice; how do clients experience it; how does it impact on the client, the counsellor and the relationship between them; what therapeutic value do such relational depth encounters have; is it possible to facilitate such encounters and if so, how?  In doing so, we shall draw not only on our own and others’ experiences of working at this level in therapy, but also on some of the more recent research findings.

Finally, we shall also reflect on the experience of working at relational depth from a spiritual perspective through looking, for example, at Maslow’s concept of peak experiences, Kirkpatrick’s concept of soul listening and Elkin’s concept of soul work as ways of making sense of what happens when ‘I meet Thou’ in the context of a therapeutic relationship.

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