• On Becoming a Person

    Date:  The next course will start on Wednesday 27th April 2022 and finish on Wednesday 20th July 2022, with a break for half term on 1st June.

    Venue: Network Training

    Cost: £250 per person (with the option to pay by three instalments)

    “…the goal the individual most wishes to achieve, the end which he knowingly and unknowingly pursues, is to become himself.” (Carl Rogers) The journey towards knowing ourselves is on-going. It is a process of becoming; a journey towards greater self-awareness, self-understanding and self-acceptance. Following on from Network’s increasingly popular introductory courses, this exciting new course builds on some of the self-awareness that students began to explore in Being There and A Way of Being (although attendnace on a previous Network course is not a prerequisite for this one). Its aim is to develop increased levels of awareness, understanding and acceptance of self.

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