• Annual Conference: Mental Illness Diagnosis – How Helpful Is It? and “Are We All Mad?”

    Start date: Friday 11 October 2019 9:15 am

    Led by: Karl Gregory

    Venue: Network Training

    Cost: £90 per person, or £60 per person for students, volunteer counsellors and volunteer supervisors. There is an 'early bird' discount of £10 for bookings made and paid for by 30th August.

    Our keynote speaker for this year's Annual Conference is Karl Gregory, who will be leading a day on the theme "Mental Illness Diagnosis - how helpful is it? And are we all mad?". Karl will explore the recent sea change in our perception of ‘madness’, with our intolerance with difference, the wish to be ‘happy’ all the time so that struggles in life become diagnosed as illness and then the search for the drug to cure all ‘ills’. He will address the need for counsellors to connect subjectively with the person who comes to counselling rather than objectifying our clients with a diagnosis.

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