• A Way of Being: an introduction to person-centred counselling

    This course is currently over-subscribed.  We hope to be able to extend the capacity to include more students and are working to achieve this. If you are interested in joining the reserve list at this stage, please email the training coordinator: training@network.org.uk

    Date: Wednesday 6th January to Wednesday 31st March 2021 (half term break 16th February)

    Venue: Network Training

    Cost: £260

    The person-centred approach to counselling trusts that it is the client who knows themselves best and that the counsellor’s task is not to advise or guide the client but rather to enable the client to make contact with their own inner experiencing and so find their own solutions to their problems. Person-centred counselling skills can help us improve our personal and professional relationships through developing our ability to listen and respond to others effectively, and through increasing our self-awareness.

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