Apply for counselling


apply for counselling

Network offers up to 24 weekly sessions with a counsellor.  The price is £25 per session.

By applying to us, you are not committing yourself to anything, and you do not need to make a final decision to go ahead with counselling until after your initial assessment.

Once we receive your contact details, we will email you a full application form which will tell us more about you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


initial assessment

Once we receive your full application, we will be in touch to arrange an initial assessment.  This is a meeting for you and our duty counsellor to talk about whether our counselling is right for you at this time.

You are not committing yourself to anything.  It is only after this meeting that you will decide whether you would like to go ahead with counselling.

There is a charge of £25 for your initial assessment.


begin counselling

If we agree our service will meet your needs, your name will be placed on the waiting list for counselling.

How long you will wait depends on your availability and how this matches with our counsellors. On average the wait is 3-4 months.

Once matched with a counsellor, they will see you for up to 24 weekly sessions of 50 minutes each.

There is a charge of £25 for each session.

Any questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

“When I began coming to Network I was feeling utterly desperate, desolate and despairing… nine months later I was a transformed person.”