What our students say

“I highly rate network as a training institution: I believe it offers a really high standard training, which is very well conceptualized and led. I find it hard to imagine that the personal development work I needed to do to be at this stage could have been better facilitated — and then the links from that to theory made so well and to showing us what it truly means to practice from a person-centred approach.”  

“Great tutors and their help in developing skills has been unquestionably the thing that gives me the courage to move forward as a counsellor”. 

“Network is a special place and this year has been unique and I will never forget it.  I hope I will never lose the boost in confidence that this experience has given me and the shift in my way of being. The Advanced Certificate course, if you commit to it, is a profound experience.”  

“The whole experience has not just been a really life changing one but that it’s been a fun year too. The tutors have made each and every week enjoyable and stimulating – for which, a massive thank you!” 

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