Counselling FAQs

How many sessions can I have?

  • Up to 24 sessions – one session per week lasting 50 minutes.

What will counselling cost?

  • We have a fixed charge of £25 per session.

What can I talk about?

Counselling may help if you are:

  • Coping with a significant bereavement, separation or divorce
  • Facing unemployment, redundancy or retirement
  • Coming to terms with serious or chronic physical illness or disability
  • Feeling anxious, stressed or depressed
  • Struggling with low self esteem
  • Encountering relationship difficulties
  • Wanting to change patterns of behaviour which are destructive to yourself or others (eg unhealthy eating patterns; difficulty in controlling anger; self harm)
  • Trying to overcome fears
  • Finding it hard to cope
  • Having to make difficult decisions about the future.

How can I access counselling?

See our Apply for counselling page to find out how you can access counselling.

“When I began coming to Network I was feeling utterly desperate, desolate and despairing… nine months later I was a transformed person.”