Fundraising for Network

If you are excited about providing affordable, life-changing counselling, then perhaps you could help fundraise for Network.

It’s a great way to use your hobby or passion to raise money for our charity.  In the past, our supporters have been sponsored for sports – a sponsored swim and a sponsored rollerskate!  They have sold plants and crafts; and even put on a concert with ticket sales going to Network.

Fundraising for Network is a great way to have fun and make a real difference to the lives of all the people we help.  If you need any ideas, check this article:

Any amount you raise will make a difference, plus your activities will introduce Network and our work to more people. 

If you work for a larger organisation, you may have additional ways that you can fundraise. For example: 

  • Some businesses have ‘match giving’ – your employer will give the same amount that you do, effectively doubling the gift.
  • Some businesses have a ‘charity of the month’ or ‘charity of the year’ that they organise giving to.