Counselling at Network

“The sessions really helped me through the worst months of my life… I can’t thank my counsellor enough.”

“When I began coming to Network I was feeling utterly desperate, desolate and despairing… nine months later I was a transformed person.”

“I wasn’t sure about counselling but Network counsellors made me feel relaxed and allowed me to talk openly and really help myself.”

“Before I started my counselling I felt in a very lonely place. I found it almost impossible to accept myself and I often felt depressed. I never thought I could turn my life around, but with the help of my counsellor and Network I have achieved a lot of things…. I don’t think these things would have happened for me without Network. Finally I can say now that ‘Yes, I do like myself’ “

“Very easy to relate to my counsellor, she had such empathy and brought out the real me that had been hiding for so long.”

“When I was going through bad times I felt so safe and comfortable coming into Network, the welcoming atmosphere gave me confidence to improve myself – Thank You.”

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