Ethos, standards and values

The Christian ethos of Network is the underlying motivation for all of the work we do, both as a counselling agency and as a training organisation. It is rooted in faith in God, which is understood at a personal level. It rests on a commitment to live out God’s grace, love and compassion for all human beings in everything we do, with Christ as our example.

As a professional counselling and training service Network adheres to the principles and standards outlined in the British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions as well as the National Counselling Society (NCS) Code of Ethics.

In our relationships with those we work alongside, with our clients, and with our students we seek to live out the values of the Christian faith, in keeping with the founding principles of the organisation, which still govern our work today.

Our core values:

Human worth and value: we believe in the fundamental worth of all human beings, loved by God, irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental capability or any other attribute. This calls for an attitude of profound unconditional acceptance and valuing of each individual without exception.

Inclusivity: we value diversity and inclusivity, and we seek to welcome, involve, and work alongside people from all walks of life. We believe in the importance of creating a community that is willing to embrace all others, and to recognise and value the skills and resources they have to offer.

Transformation: we believe that there is within people a God-given capacity for learning, growth, a change in direction and new beginnings. We seek to create a learning organisation in which everyone has the opportunity to realise their full potential, and is supported and encouraged to become all that they can be.

A respectful community: as an organisation, we are committed to enabling people to experience a sense of belonging, of being trusted and of having a voice in the process of decision-making. We are also committed to open, honest and respectful communication with each other at all levels of the organisation. We seek to deal with difficulties and disagreements between us with tolerance, sensitivity and compassion.

Accountability and responsibility: Network holds itself accountable to its clients, volunteers, donors, and the Charity Commission. Further, Network believes itself to be accountable to God in all its actions. We have a responsibility to use its resources wisely, to run the organisation efficiently, and to act ethically. We do our very best to meet our charitable objectives and enhance God’s kingdom.

Our counselling approach:

Network’s approach to counselling reflects our ethos: We work in a relational way and believe that everyone has the potential to change. Our approach is characterised by empathy, acceptance and authenticity. The majority of our counsellors base their practice on this Person-Centred approach, working together with clients to consider their concerns and clarify what they are hoping to gain from counselling. Our counsellors will facilitate the client in exploring these concerns, enabling them to gain greater understanding and awareness. The counsellor may offer fresh perspectives as they move towards the goals they have set. All our counsellors are comfortable working with the spiritual dimension of life if the client wishes to explore this area.

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