Pay for regular weekly counselling

To avoid confusion, please only use this page if ALL of the following are true:

You’ve already had your Initial Assessement session with us.

Later, you heard from your allocated weekly counsellor, who directed you to this page.

You have got your first regular weekly session booked for next week, OR you have already started and you want to switch to automatic payment.

This page is not for applying for counselling, paying for an Initial Assessment, or any other purpose.

Pay with GoCardless

We are now a cashless organisation. Our main method for accepting your £25 payment is now online, using GoCardless, a payments company, similar to PayPal.

This will set up a Direct Debit, with a simple automatic recurring payment of £25 each week. The first payment comes out a week after it is set up.

What if I can’t make my session?

If your session can’t go ahead, just let know;

or call us on 0117 950 7271. If the payment has already been taken, and assuming you have given us 24hrs notice, that payment will cover the following week instead.

How do I cancel the payments at the end of my counselling?

We will stop the GoCardless Direct Debit at the end of your counselling; and you also have the ability to do that through your bank or banking app.

I can’t use GoCardless, what do I do?

If you can’t use GoCardless, as a backup you can use our physical card machine every week. Please come to Reception to process that, ideally before your session. If you can’t use either of those, please let Reception know.

Please let your counsellor know which payment method you are using.

Thank you so much for supporting Network, making sure that others can access counselling in future. We hope that your counselling can give you the support you need.

Any questions or difficulties with payment?

Please speak to your counsellor and/or reception on 0117 950 7271 or email us at