“Look After Yourself”

Do you get home at the end of the day and feel you have nothing left to give?

Do you regularly “take your clients home” with you?

Do you feel relieved when a client cancels?

Do you find it hard to unwind or have difficulty sleeping?

Do you find yourself fitting in an extra session for a client when it is not always convenient to you?

How often do we encourage our clients to take care and look after themselves and yet find it hard to offer the same level of self-care to ourselves?

 “The better we take care of ourselves … the more we will be in a position to be truly empathic, compassionate, and useful to [our clients]”  Babette Rothschild.

This workshop will take a brief look at the neuroscience behind vicarious trauma, increase our awareness of how client work might be impacting us, look at the importance of setting and holding appropriate boundaries in our work, and consider practical ways in which we might maintain a healthier work/life balance.

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