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Network’s Transformation Appeal

Network is transforming!  Times are challenging and Network must adapt if we are to support our community in the future.  We need your help to get there. 

We need to raise £50,000 to do it. One very generous supporter has offered match-funding of £20,000.  This leaves ‘only’ £30,000. It’s a daunting amount but we have seen God provide in amazing ways over the years.

Read on to find out more about Network’s transformation, or click the button below to donate. 

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Thank you! 

For more than 35 years Network has been providing counselling and counselling training. Countless lives have been transformed over that time. There has never been a time when Network was needed more than now. We have seen both Covid and the cost of living crisis have a huge impact on mental health and wellbeing. 

Our current position 

Over the last few months Network’s future has become increasingly precarious. Looking at our finances, the Trustees have seriously considered whether it can continue to function. We have been forced to review our activities and to develop a business model that is more sustainable. We see what has to be done, but it won’t be easy. In particular, we need additional financial resources to get there. 

Why is change necessary? 

One of Network’s distinctive features has been its provision of counselling regardless of the client’s ability to pay. However, in recent years the amount given by clients has been falling while our costs have risen. We are now simply unable to raise sufficient funds to meet this gap. 

Key changes 

We know we must change how we do things so that we don’t find ourselves in this position again. We must reduce our expenditure and stabilise our income. The changes we are introducing are geared to this end: 

  1. We have decided to end our volunteer counselling work for the time being. From January 2023, all Network counselling will be delivered by counsellors in training as part of their Advanced Diploma counselling placement. This represents a huge change for Network and the decision was only taken after much prayer and discussion. 
  1. We now charge for counselling at a flat rate of £22.50 per session. Although this is a big change, it is still significantly subsidised.  It is around 50% of the rate charged by local private counsellors and represents an affordable charge for many. In the future, we may be able to offer some counselling at a lower cost than this. 
  1. We are introducing new systems to manage our activities more efficiently and to reduce our staffing costs.  

Network’s values are not changing 

Certain things are definitely not changing. The Christian values that underpin and drive our work remain. These are what make Network the organisation it is. 

We remain committed to providing a high quality, reduced cost counselling service and our training activities will continue in their current form. 

What you can do to help 

It will take time, effort and money to make this transformation. Could you help? 

  1. Support us – If it is within your means, you can support Network financially. Any amount you contribute will take us a step closer to a sustainable future, delivering high quality counselling and training. If you can, please give generously. See ‘ways to donate’ below. 
  1. Spread the word about us – about the counselling service, about our training courses, and about counselling rooms which we have available to hire. 
  1. Help us find a new Trustee – We are currently looking for one or two people who can help guide Network into its next chapter. A great trustee brings wisdom, faith and life experience, as well as particular skills – like knowledge of HR or finance or the charity sector. Do you know anyone who could fulfil this role?  Please suggest they chat to us. 
  1. Pray – Every day Network deals with issues, some big and consequential, some small but nevertheless, difficult. Click here for the prayer card which you may find useful.  

Ways to donate 

  1.  Click on the ‘Donate with JustGiving’ button under ‘News’ on our homepage. 
  1.  Just Giving – Network Appeal – click on this link or scan the QR code below 
  1. BACS / online bank transfer to: 

Bank: HSBC 

Account name: Network Counselling and Training Limited 

Sort code: 40 – 14 – 24 

Account no: 61440713 

Reference: Your surname-Appeal 

  1. Cheque: Make payable to: Network Counselling and Training Limited 

Post to: Network Counselling and Training Limited, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS